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Lennon, John


Sex: Male

Life: (1940-80)


Pop star, composer, songwriter, and recording artist, born in Liverpool, Merseyside, north-west England, UK. He was the Beatles rhythm guitarist, keyboard player, and vocalist, and a partner in the Lennon-McCartney song-writing team. He married Japanese artist Yoko Ono (1933-) - his second marriage - in 1969.


Together they invented a form of peace protest by staying in bed while being filmed and interviewed, and the single recorded under the name of The Plastic Ono Band, 'Give Peace a Chance' (1969), became the 'national anthem' for pacifists. He had five more chart singles between 1971-4, but only 'Imagine' (1971) had any immediate impact.


On the birth of his son, Sean (1975-) , he retired from music to become a house-husband. Five years later he recorded '(Just Like) Starting Over', but he was shot and killed by a deranged fan just before its release. His death affected millions of people, record sales soared, and he continues to be admired by new generations of fans.